Spring is Coming Early (Part 1)

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“Spring is coming early”

That was the direction from the Lord for this trip. There is a lesser known Jewish holiday that occurs on the day after the sabbath of Passover, it’s the feast of First Fruits where the priest brings before the Lord a sheaf of barley (the first crop to ripen). It signified the beginning of spring and signals the beginning of the 50 day countdown to Shavuot (aka Pentecost) where they celebrated harvest coming into full swing.

God fulfilled these festivals with Jesus being resurrected during First Fruits as the true “First Fruit” of salvation, and the Holy Spirit being poured out without measure during Shavuot signaling the harvest of souls coming into full swing. (Isn’t that AMAZING?!)

While we were in Cambridge our brother Leon gave us a bag of barley seed not knowing the significance of all this.

As we prepared to speak before his church the Lord reminded me of the word that “spring is coming early.” As we shared I brought the bag up with me and waved it before the Lord as my Jewish ancestors would have and then invited the congregation to come up and take handfuls of the seed of promise that the harvest in their own lives can not be stopped now. Pentecost is coming!

I was stunned to watch as God confirmed this word through a number of members in the congregation sharing the Lord had been speaking to them about this as well. One man said he got a vision of a person who made a bunch of chicken to give away, and when he would give away a drumstick an angel would come and drop a whole chicken back into his bag. He challenged the congregation to not be afraid of running out, but rather sow extravagantly, knowing there are angels prepared to deliver many fold back to us so we can keep giving out. Then a woman came up and challenged everyone to get back up and come to the seed bag a second time and not allow “typical British reserve” to keep them from collecting abundantly from the Lord. We watched as people began to take handfuls this time, and begin going to their friends to give it away. Some people wept as we watched new springs of life burst forth in these sweet interactions. It was holy ground.

Going back and looking at old messages I see a friend of ours had sent us this the week before we went to Cambridge:

I saw you walking with seeds in your hands and the seeds are seeds of freedom and everywhere you go you scatter freedom in the land and you impart freedom to the people you meet.

I feel God loves that you don’t do things by halves, you live from abundance (knowing who you are and who’s you are) so you scatter with abundance, so when you look down at your hands after scattering the seeds, one might think that the seeds had run out, but you see again and again that there’s even more abundance than before and it’s so fun because you can’t out give God!

So if you feel you are in need of spring, take hold of this word. Reach out and take abundantly from the seed. I bless you to have Holy boldness to dig into the bag of seed available for your life. In Jesus’ Name.

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