Israel 2018 – Part 3 – Tel Aviv to Sea of Galilee

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Next we rented a car from Tel Aviv to drive the 1.5 hours up to the Sea of Galilee. We walked from our guest house to the rental shop down the beach. I was really amazed by how beautiful it was.

Clearly the rental company understands me…

We stopped on the way at Caesarea- this is where King Harod had one of his palaces, and where the Apostle Paul spent time before being sent to Rome. The Roman Amphitheater is still used for concerts today!


King Herod’s palace… after 2000 years of “deferred maintenance” its a bit shabby

The amazing beach overlooking the Mediterranean. I can understand the appeal of building a palace here!

One of my favorite pictures from the whole trip of the 3 of us overlooking the sea.

Now back on our way to Galilee.

And finally the ONE AND ONLY! Our first glimpse of the beautiful and rugged large lake where Jesus spent much of his time.

And finally down to the beach. We stayed in Tiberius, still the biggest town on the lake.

For dinner we had a meal I will never forget. Eating fire roasted “Peter’s fish” al fresco at “Decks Restaurant” on a pier on the Galilee… an AMAZING dinner while we did our best to stay away from our crummy apartment we rented ;)) (next time we should stay at the Scotts hotel…)

For fun that evening Peter and I spent our time rearranging the cheesy furniture in our apartment and laughing wondering if anyone would notice!

For more continue on to part 4!

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