Israel – Part 2 – Tel Aviv & Jaffa continued…

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Hi all,

I’m continuing to share memories from my Israel trip last summer. These are from day 2 upon the arrival of our amazing guide Annie and Peter.

We stayed at this cool Christian guest house called Beit Immanuel, which is located walking distance from old town Jaffa and the beach in a house that has existed since before the reformation of the state of Israel!

Here is the link –

It is located next to the “American Colony” buildings. These buildings were hand built in the 1800s by Americans with American materials shipped over by boat. Pretty wild!

Below you can see Pete and Annie next to them:

Next we walked down to Jaffa port near Simon the Tanner’s house. This same port is where King Solomon received the cedars transported from Lebanon to build the first Temple in Jerusalem!

From the port you can see the sprawling modern metropolis that is Tel Aviv, which has become one of the leading centers for tech and innovation in the world! (close to my heart from Silicon Valley 😉

We ended our first full day in Israel having dinner at a beach bar followed by a truly epic walk on the moonlit beach.

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