Isreal 2018 – Part 4 – Sea of Galilee, a day I will never forget

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Well today was one of those days. Where you find yourself surprised to discover you’re in the middle of something you’ll remember forever!

We began the day with a surprise from Annie that she had gotten us on “the Jesus boat,” which is a fleet of wooden boats that take you out on the Galilee.

In typical fashion we didn’t end up with pilgrims on the boat like most, we found ourselves on a boat with secular college aged tourists from Ireland who care for Israel. I often see God puts us where we can shine the light, sometimes through our words, always through our behavior. This was one of those times! It was just such a surreal experience motoring around in the lake where Jesus had them cast the nets on the other side.

Had to do it…

We then went to lunch at this super cool beachside place called Bora Bora. Where I had my new favorite breakfast dish “Shakshuka,” a delicious spiced tomato sauce dish with an egg boiled right in the middle!

After lunch Annie took us to Mensa Christi, the location where Jesus fed the 5000, and where Jesus made the disciples breakfast then asked Peter 3 times, “do you love me?” Our Peter made sure to make the most of it…

Here is a cool statue of Jesus saying “feed my sheep”

We had the place to ourselves for almost the entire time we were there. Apparently this never happens. We went down to the beach where we each spent some alone time. At the beach Peter and I noticed there was this cloud of what looked like stirred up muddy water directly in front of Annie. It made what looked strikingly like a path forward out into the water.

The funny thing was the cloud wasn’t blown away by the tides, it just remained there. Annie decided to take the opportunity and follow the invitation  to go into the water. Her courage inspired me to follow suit. (I secretly hoped I would walk on the water… but I didn’t, will have to be next time)

Looking at the same shore the apostle Peter and the disciples looked at when they saw their dear friend and Messiah resurrected from the dead waiting for them with breakfast on the shore was almost too much to handle. I gave my life to the Lord all over again right there in the water.

Finally after maybe an hour of having the place all to ourselves we were ready to leave. As we began to walk up to our car the first tour group arrived. As I lingered behind I heard the tour guide say to his astonishment, “this is amazing, in 26 years of leading tours here I’ve never seen this place with no one else.”

As I walked a little farther I saw a sign that summed it up well…

We listened Lord, and we are taking risks here, at your beckoned call we are here. AND YOU ARE SHOWING UP!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

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